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Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) Success Story


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Will Hatley - A Veteran who succeeded through CWT

Will Hatley - A Veteran who succeeded through CWT

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One of the best successes is seeing a Veteran get a job. I should know, I am a Veteran who succeeded through CWT. I’m currently employed as a Peer HVSEP (Homeless Veterans Supported Employment Program) at the Bedford VA. This job is not only teaching me skills and giving me opportunities to learn, I also get to help Veterans in crisis find jobs. I can relate. I know how easy it is to give up. Because of my own past experiences, I can help Veterans build the confidence to find competitive work.
I’ve seen a lot in my day. I have come to realize that most Veterans have an experience in their lives which lead to a point of helplessness. In my case, I turned to the VA during that time. Once I decided to turn my life around, success was inevitable. I got the help I needed from many services at the VA. I started listening to the recommendations of the staff and to other veterans who had gone through similar experiences. I enjoyed meeting with Peer Specialists and that is when it, “clicked.” I knew I wanted to become a Peer Specialist and help others.

Working has been a major part of my recovery process. It has helped me stay connected to the VA and interact with others who are going through some of the same troubles I have had in the past. I stay healthy by committing to aftercare, drawing, and working. It hasn’t been easy, but I am proud of my accomplishments. I have created a new life for myself. I am a willing, committed, persistent, open-minded drug free, smoke free, honest worker.
CWT got me back on track and helped me build the confidence to find competitive work. I have been through the program and now I am on the other end, helping veterans find jobs. 

- Will Hatley